Securing the world


The mission of IBIS2 is to provide proactive actionable intelligence information to Law Enforcement and Security for large public events to preempt crime and violence. IBIS2’s vision is to commit working with our subscribers to proactively enhance venue safety and reduce security costs using an innovative, patented, advanced technology platform.

When state-of-the-art security is the goal, IBIS2 should be your first consideration.

Mission Statement

Intelligence Based Integrated Security Systems, Inc. (IBIS2)

The current unstable nature of our society requires countermeasures that are cost effective and not labor intensive for both law enforcement and private security.  IBIS2 technology facilitates direct transmission of actionable intelligence from private locations to law enforcement to preempt violence.   


  • Licensed for multi jurisdictional Fusion Centers with State, Federal, Local and Tribal participation
  • Patented, mobile, wireless system
  • Uses integrated technology for the purpose of gathering actionable intelligence transmitted to law enforcement
  • Secured system that provides law enforcement with real time identification of persons of interest or wanted persons at specific locations


  • IBIS2 is scalable to any location
  • Scans pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Perfect for  sports stadiums, airports, schools, corporate buildings or any public gathering that wants to prevent access of any particular person
  • Scans for individuals wanted by law enforcement, known terrorists, persons on the no-fly-list, drug cartel members, state certified gang members or others who are in an existing [private] or law enforcement data base