IBIS2 uses our state-of-the art patented technology and cost effective police and security best practices.  We blend law enforcement needs with public and private sector resources. We integrate the technological resources of private sector biometric companies with law enforcement data capabilities and private sector funding. This greatly speeds the access technology for law enforcement without requiring lengthy grant funding processes – while at the same time protecting the integrity of the restricted databases. The IBIS2 subscription service is paid for by the venue that derives benefit from a rapid law enforcement response to potential violence versus the current labor intensive reactive law enforcement/security response.

Law enforcement typically desires to use technology to speed identification of suspects and accelerate apprehension of criminals. However, funding for technology is difficult to obtain for governmental agencies and is increasingly becoming more scarce. Agencies must compete with each other for these scarce resources and the bureaucratic process to secure Federal funds is difficult, time consuming and far from certain for any agency.

Additionally, it is illegal for a governmental agency to use public funds for private purposes. It is also illegal for a private security company to have access to law enforcement databases of criminals or suspected criminals. IBIS2 overcomes these obstacles to integrate the best of public and private sector security controls.

IBIS2 is scalable to any location that is impacted by pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Any public gathering that wishes to protect its patrons from those wanted by law enforcement or persons who have previously disrupted events can be identified and excluded using the IBIS2 system.